Plumber's Cooperative

Decades of experience

Our mission is to create lifetime customers, repeat business, and sustainable relationships, through our honest, reliable, and competent work.

Plumber's Co-operative is still an employee-owned cooperative founded by a group of state-certified journeyman plumbers with decades of combined experience in all aspects of the trade.

Historically, cooperative plumbing shops have reduced consumer costs by about 30%. A legally established cooperative is required to uphold a lengthy list of standards of democratic self-governance and of fair treatment and education of employees.

Our profits are shared among our Member/Employee/Owners, who loan their share of profits back to the company for growth. The buy-in is substantial so that Members have a strong sense of ownership and responsibility for the success of the coop.

As owners, we are responsible for the customer relationship, for the liabilities that could be incurred, for outcome as well as effort. When a customer works with an employee Member, they are working with an owner of the business, with all its benefits.

Plumber's Cooperative
P. O. Box 75355
Seattle, WA 98175  

(206) 858-2633
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