Expert Plumbing Professionals

We are proud to offer a wide range of professional plumbing services to the Puget Sound region. From re-piping your remodel to repairing water-heaters, we're here for you.

Residential Re-piping

Older homes typically experience water flow problems, rusty water and leaks when the old steel piping approaches the end of their useful life. Copper piping replacement of old galvanised steel water pipes is typical with houses over fifty years old. If your water volume is low, water is rusty, or you have leaking pipes, it may be time to replace those old galvanized steel pipes.

Hot Water Heaters

We work on all brands and all types of domestic hot water heaters. There are many types and options to choose from.

Plumbing Repair Work

Broken fixtures, dripping faucets, noisy garbage disposals, dead sump pumps, running or wobbling toilets, underground leaks, weeping pipes, slow drains, leaking water heaters, scalding showers, dribbling hose bibbs, swollen washer hoses, if it's hooked up to the plumbing system - we do it!

Plumbing Remodel Work

Additions and re-configured piping for your new kitchen or bath are our fortÄ—. Want to move that sink or toilet to the other side of the room? How about a new bidet? (You know - that thing next to the toilet in your Paris hotel room?). How about a steam maker for your new updated bathroom? Handicap fixtures include higher toilets, wing handles on the faucets, walk-in bathtubs - if you can imagine it, we can find the solution!

Sewer Line Repairs

  •     Sewage Repair
  •     Sewer Problems

Repiping Copper / PEX

  •     Copper Repipe
  •     PEX Re-pipe
  •     Commercial Repipe


  •     Faucets
  •     Garbage Disposals
  •     Toilets
  •     Sinks
  •     Laundry Sinks
  •     Showers
  •     Bathtubs
  •     Bidets
  •     Water Softeners
  •     Water Conservation

Locating Services

  •     Sewer Locating Service
  •     Sewer Video Inspection
  •     Water line tracing

Clogged Drains

  •     Rooter Roto Services - Performed by licensed plumbers!
  •     Clogged Unclog Drains
  •     Drain Cleaning
  •     Drain Cleaner Chemicals

Flooding & Freezing

  •     Broken Pipes
  •     Frozen Pipes
  •     Water Main Installation
  •     Basement Pumping
  •     Sump Pump Repair

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